List of R.T.I. cases in 2016-2017

  1. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./1/2016- R.T.I. Application sought by Shri. Raphael Mawiong, Secretary, Environmental Management and Economic Development Organisation Reg. Building Permission
  2. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./2/2016- R.T.I. Application sought by Smt. Agnes Kharshiing Reg. Land Aquisation.
  3. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./3/2016 - R.T.I. Application of Smt. Agnes Kharshiing Reg. Compensation of Land at Mawdiangdiang.
  4. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./4/2016- R.T.I. Application of Miss. Ranee Reg. Implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission.
  5. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./5 /2016 - R.T.I. Application of Shri. R.G.Saibon, Asst. Education Secretary, Hynniewtrep Youth Council, Central E-C Reg. Land Aquisation for New Shillong Township.
  6. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./6/2016 - Application under the R.T.I. Act, 2005 by Smt. Agnes Kharshiing .
  7. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./7/2016- R.T.I. Application of Miss. Aidahun Syiem, Reg. European Ward.
  8. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./8/2016 – R.T.I. Application ofSmt. Sangeeta Dutta, Reg.Deed Agreement of the construction of the building over the leased out Municipal Land.
  9. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./9/2016 – R.T.I. Application of President,Ri-Bhoi Youth Federation, Nongpoh Circle, . Reg. Construction of Model Village at Umbuda
  10. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./10/2016 – R.T.I. Application of Smt. Chitra Jogami, Reg. Allocation Expenditure of M.L.A. L.A.D Fund for every constituency.
  11. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./11/2016 - R.T.I. Application sought by Smt. A.Rangad and others regarding Street Vendors
  12. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./12/2016 - R.T.I. Application of Shri. L.D. Agarwal, Reg. C.V.C. Guidelines on Procurement of works, Good and Services Guidelines on Tenders/Use of website.
  13. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./13 /2016 - R.T.I. Application sought by Smt. Agnes.Kharshiing Reg. Road Construction through the forest at Mawdiangdiang
  14. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./14/2016 - R.T.I. Application forwarded by Government Reg. the percentage of the Job Reservation in Meghalaya for Garo, Khasi and Jaintia
  15. DUA/PIO/R.T.I./15/2016 - R.T.I. Application of Shri. T.Susngi, Vice-President H.N.Y.F., Jowai.