Vision, Thrust, Initiative, Appeal


To build economically vibrant, inclusive, efficient and sustainable urban centres within the State.


  1. Orderly development of urban centres keeping the necessities of all inclusive growth into account
  2. Improvement of civic amenities and civic management of the urban centers.
  3. Upliftment of socio economic conditions of the poor in the urban centers.
  4. Emphasis on innovative and advanced technological solutions to urban problems of the urban centers.

Our Initiative

  1. Policy level Planning structured to cater to the needs of the urban centres and taking into account the unique cultural, social needs of the State.
  2. Reaching out to all stakeholders vide intensive citizens involvement and community participation in planning and implementation of project and programmes
  3. Mission approach to achieve desired goals and objectives within stipulated time frame
  4. Mobilisation of resources towards accomplishing the targets.

Our Appeal

  1. Cooperation of all citizens in making our cities liveable, beautiful for both present and future
  2. To adhere to all rules and regulations framed within the ambit of the different Acts
  3. To come forward and share views and suggestions on any issues in our endeavour to strive for better urban centers.